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Equipment At Noble Consulting Surveyors

NCS use the most up to date survey equipment to deliver the most efficient service possible to our clients.

Conventional survey equipment used at Noble Consulting Surveyors include fully robotic Trimble S6 Total Stations. These instruments provide for the most accurate and efficient surveying service available in the industry.

These instruments enable us to operate using a two man, or a one man team. They also possess prism-less capabilities, which allows us to take measurements where it would otherwise be inaccessible, or unsafe, to do so.

We also use the Trimble R8 GNSS Global Positioning System(GPS). Our instruments are capable of connecting to the VRS network, which allows us to go almost anywhere within Perth and the Southwest and begin work immediately, without the need for time consuming set-ups though-out the day.

We have invested in the latest CAD software including CivilCad 6 and a number of others, to equip us to provide comprehensive plans with all of the features that our clients require. We also possess GIS capabilities and offer solutions for mapping using this technology.

Our software is capable of exporting data to most recognised formats, which means we can supply data to our client exactly how they need it.

Our teams are equipped with Lap-tops and Tablets in order to save the need for returning to the office when unexpected Locations are requested.

Our software has also enabled us to streamline office procedures cutting time spent on calculations and plan production substantially, enabling us to offer efficient and cost effective services without sacrificing quality.

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